omnadren 250 results

Taking too high doses can cause diarrhea and disturbance of water and electrolyte balance. Treatment: removal of the drug. When using therapeutic doses of lactulose were noted clinically significant interactions with other drugs, however, should not take omnadren 250 resultswithin two hours after administration of the other drug.
By simultaneous administration of lactulose can inactivate drugs is created for release which used colon nsolagoirilshal among (e.g., formulations containing mesalazine). Antibiotics (neomycin), and antacids reduce the effect.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and mechanisms
in  recommended doses has no effect omnadren 250 results on the ability to drive vehicles and mechanisms.

Cautions and precautions:
If constipation is not corrected within a few days of taking the drug, as well as the resumption of constipation after stopping treatment, you should consult with a physician.
Due to the presence in the formulation of small amounts of sugars (15 ml syrup contains up to 1.7 g galactose and 1 g of lactose), precautions shall be taken when administering the drug to patients with diabetes and lactose intolerance.
with care prescribe a drug to patients with gastrocardiac syndrome. In this case, treatment is initiated with a low dose and gradually increase them to avoid bloating.
In the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, omnadren 250 results especially in the initial phase of therapy, one can use other laxatives. Increased bowel movements can lead to the erroneous conclusion that achieved an adequate dose for the treatment of encephalopathy.
Lactulose can be used safely in pregnant and lactating mothers.

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